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Protec tMy Neighbourhood

The Andrews government has recently announced its new “plan” for Melbourne, aimed at forcing even more development into established suburbs.

The "plan" includes:

  • "unlimited" dwellings on each block in Neighbourhood Residential Zones, removing the current two dwelling per block limit
  • height limit raised to 11 metres (three storeys) in General Residential Zones - the most common zone
  • more medium and high density development around activity centres such as Box Hill.

The government claims its new "garden area" requirement of 25% or more of a block being open space will help offset these impacts, but in many council areas, such as Whitehorse and Boroondara, this new requirement is less than existing requirements for permeable areas, private open space and/or maximum site coverage, and will thus make no difference.

(For the full range and specifications of the new residential zone changes, see Planning Scheme - Amendment VC110, for the government's summary sheet see General Information on the Reformed Residential Zones and for more about "Plan Melbourne", see

Forcing even more development into our suburbs will ruin our livability and place even more pressure on our hospitals, schools, roads, public transport and the environment.  Sign the petition and help protect your neighbourhood.

I oppose the plan to force more development into our suburbs.

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