What happens next...

Thank you for your commitment to help get rid of Daniel Andrews and bring back good government in Victoria.

There are many different ways you can help, including:

  • distributing brochures in your neighbourhood
  • being part of a local campaign team
  • making phone calls to voters and doorknocking
  • putting up a poster in your front yard or property
  • assisting with fundraising events

If you'll able to help hand out how-to-vote cards or provide any other election help, we'll be in touch directly if you live in the Box Hill electorate, or otherwise we'll pass on your details to your local Liberal MP or candidate so they can contact you.

If you've told us you'd like to join the Liberal Party, we'll send you the relevant details, or you can sign up on-line via the Liberal Party web site here.

If you're willing to donate to help get rid of Daniel Andrews, please make your donation here

Also, please help to spread the word to people you know, by following the latest news from me and other Liberals, and make sure your friends, family and work contacts know the true story.  You can follow me at:






You can also follow the Victorian Liberal Party at:



and Liberal leader, Matthew Guy at:



If you've asked to be put down as a supporter and be kept informed of news and events, we'll do just that and keep in touch.

Thank you once again for being willing to get involved and stand up for what you believe.  Together, we can get rid of Daniel Andrews and Labor and bring back good government to Victoria.

With best wishes,


Robert Clark.